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      BSDL Editor

      日期:2021-09-28 18:38

      The BSDL Editor allows you to view and edit BSDL and custom cell type package files within XJDeveloper.

      The editor shows you a summary of information contained in the BSDL file, including the IDCODE, TCK frequency, boundary scan register length and device manufacturer.

      The main file editor has syntax highlighting to show keywords in different colours making the content easier to read. The editor also supports "code folding" - blocks of code can be collapsed by clicking on the "-" symbol in the left margin, and expanded again by clicking "+".

      BSDL Editor in XJDeveloper

      Validate BSDL files in 'StrICT Parsing Mode'

      If you are creating your own BSDL files, you can turn on 'Strict Parsing Mode' to identify syntax errors. If checked, the parser used to read the BSDL file will interpret the BSDL file strictly to the IEEE 1149.x specification. Any errors which are identified will be shown in the Errors section of the editor.

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